Step by Step Guide: How to Create an Elevate Video

Shootsta Elevate is the all-in-one video tool for sales teams. Shootsta Elevate will allow your sales teams to make professional sales videos in minutes.

**Before you can create an Elevate video, your Workspace should have Elevate Templates ready for use. If you would like a personalised Elevate Template created, send us a message via Live Chat, and we can get that process started for you. Check out this article to learn more about Elevate templates.

Elevate videos can be created from the Shootsta Elevate App or via the Shootsta Platform (either method will rely on an Elevate Template).

If you prefer to record your Elevate via the mobile application, follow this article or Jared's directions:

If you would like to try Elevate from the Shootsta Platform, best to follow Chad's guidance (also laid out in this article):


Regardless of how you want to Elevate, make sure to select a filming space that is well lit and low on background noise. In order for Elevate's AI to pick up your cue's, Elevate needs to be able to hear you :).

Once you have completed recording, Elevate will save to a Splash Page. From here it is all about sharing your Elevate with your audience or to your social platform. Check out your sharing options here.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via Live Chat, or perhaps try to create another type of Shootsta video via this guide.